Malaysia Cosmetic Industry Monitor Report (2018/3)


Industry Overview

Malaysia is a country with many famous cosmetic brand branches. According to statistics, there are about 100 big and small cosmetic brands in the country.Beauty and health products account for 19% of all e-commerce turnover. Let's study the performance of these international cosmetic brand in March in malaysia.


1. Top 10 Brand Volume Ranking

In this report I-Buzz conducted research into the top 20 leading international brands’s performance in Malasia word-of-mouth market.The number of reputation(means topics plus responces) from top 20 brands reached 22971.

Based on Figure 1:The total number of reputation of the top10 reached accounted for 86.01% with 20 brands.Topping the list is Maybeline.In March, the brand achieved 5747 reputation and accounted for 29.09% of the top 10 brands.Then, Innisfree (3476   reputation), The Body Shop (3333   reputation) and Laneige (2324   reputation), Here are three brands proportion of 17.6%, 16.86%, 11.76%.Generally,these brands are in the mid range and they seems suitable for Asian women's skin.


2. TOP10 Channel Volume Ranking


Now we look at the facebook page with comments related to these brands in this section.We conducted for the top 10 most interactive pages in the country with a total of 17989 reputation.

The first is Pakejpercutian,which is with the up to 3853 reputation and leading in the top 10 pages accounting for 21.41% in the top 10. Referring from this page, the advantage of this site is the large followers of 628,050.The number of people interacting with the site is big because the site has posts related to tourism, life, cosmetics...updated day by day.



The second is The body shop Malaysia (3119 reputation),then Zoey (2874 reputation), (2255 reputation) accounted for 15.6%, 15.97%, 12.53% respectively.The Body Shop malaysia is the official fanpage of the Body Shop in malaysia.The advantages of this site are always updated official information from the company specializing in beauty. They post everyday,each post has an average of 80 to 100 likes and comments.It is stability in the interaction with the user.

Zoey with a strong follower reached 1,101,733 this is the page of an is very often published information related to art, food, travel and makeup.This page also receives large and frequent interaction from users. is one of largest fashion and entertainment platform in Malaysia.It combines beauty,traveling,food,TV show...even job information,so it’s facebook page also has a great interaction with it’s members.


3. TOP10 Hot Topics


An extremely interesting part ,top 10 hot topic netizens commented in March.Let's discuss in this analysis section.

First one,March’s hot topic could not fail to mention the shocking Maybeline’s topic about price  in early March. The event was posted on the Pakej Percutian fan page quickly attracted the attention of netizens who express their excitement and look forward to the product.On The Body Shop Malaysia fanpage on 03/16 recently was posted a special discount event from 03 /16-25 throughout the system.A lot of products are sold at preferential prices to the customers. The event attracted huge comments from netizens.The next event on 3/23 on Zoey page posted launch of a new set of Innisfree lipstick products.The event was posted on Epop's fanpage promoting a showcase of a famous artist's performance with the appearance of Laneige.



Through some of the above analyzes, we can see that most of the events that attract the attention of customers and the internet community are special discount, product trial, buy one get one or launch new product...the types of products interested by fans most are lipstick, moisturizing mask, eyeliner, cleanser.

Based on the data collected, manufacturers are also particularly interested in implementing promotions to attract customers' attention such as: Maybeline was the most discussed brand of the month by their marketing events, It is constributed by discount and promotion.


4. Characteristic Group Radar Chart


The graph represents the number of  reputation-of-mouth characteristics of the subject.There are 6 groups to consider.



Negative reviews,positive reviews,Price,Services,Marketing,Product features,with all reputation is 1750.

Product features with a total of 1305(in other word,74.57%).            

It can be seen that customers are particularly interested in the characteritic of products for the Malaysian market in March.

Positive Reviews(139 reputation) and the services(116 reputation), marketing (103 reputation),with 7.94%, 6.62%, 5.88% respectively.

Price (65 reputation) and negative reviews (22 reputation) accounted for 3.71%, 1.25%.